Indie-folk duo, The Preservation Society, is the new musical fellowship of Seattle’s Jeremy Wingfield & Dana Little. The pair has a combined two decades of song writing and performance under their belts and they’ve appeared on stages all over the Pacific Northwest. Since arriving on the scene they’ve played with a long line of Northwest musical projects (Late Tuesday, Sanoma, The Sleepover, Cloud War, The Western States), though both have the chops to carry solo shows and frequently have done just that. But theirs is a brilliant mashup. Demonstrating an affinity for collaborative songwriting, Wingfield (vocals/guitar/keys/drums/tambourine) and Little (vocals/keyboards/tambourine) are melodic story-tellers, with honest and authentic themes, on point lyrics, and finely tuned musical details. A combination of yin and yang, lush and gritty, his and hers, they’ve settled comfortably into this new arrangement, each bringing significant musical prowess and presence to the table.

Talkback Tambourine, recorded in 2016, is the first release by The Preservation Society. Its twelve tracks are compelling and timeless, with expressive lyrics inspired by tales of misfortune, lofty heights, confession, loves lost and those finally found. Have a listen to their collaborative debut and latest love here.